Photo by Nguyen Quang Tri

Do you know which place was the first to have received the distress call from the legendary Titanic ship before she was engulfed in the Atlantic frozen waters in 1912?

It’s Cape Bear, this simple lighthouse!  In addition to pastoral landscapes, world-famous wild beaches, potatoes that feed the province, lobsters that cannot be missed, Prince Edward Island has another special charm to visitors – more than 50 lighthouses that can be connected to draw the PEI map!

It is easy to understand how important the lighthouses were to in the island’s economy during its Colonial time, when the only mode of long-haul transportation of the first settlers was the sea. Lighthouses were even more critical, as the major industry that this land relied on and that made famous millionaires here was shipbuilding during the nineteenth century. 

Unfortunately, due to resistance to changes and persistence to the old sailing ship technology, these millionaires were soon after only remembered as “one time” prides!  However, witnesses who have been witnessing the changes of the sea and the sky are still there – simple lighthouses that grace. 

Coming to the island for relaxation, cultural exploration, and understanding of the history of this gentle island, one cannot fail to visit these lighthouses.

NQT, Apr 2017


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