Landing from Vietnam. 

For people who are staying in Vietnam at the time of receiving immigration visa, things you need to prepare are : 

  1. Flight tickets : 

Different international airlines offer you different route choices from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to PEI. However, the most popular and preferable is AirCanada with flight routes from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City transiting at either Japan, Korea or Taiwan. The outstanding advantages of AirCanada are : 

  • Various choices 
  • The only airline offers one continuous flight ticket from Hanoi or HMC to Charlottetown. 
  • Your luggages are loaded in at the depart airport and loaded out at the final point without worrying about taking out at the transit points if your itinerary is Vietnam – Japan – Montreal – Charlottetown. 
  • Once you have purchased AirCanada’s tickets, they are responsible for handling any delay or changes that might happen with your flight. For example, if your flight from HCM to Narita – Japan is delayed by any reason that results in you missing your next flight from Narita – Japan to Montreal, AirCanada will be responsible of booking another flight for you. Furthermore, they are bound to schedule your meals and places to rest while you are waiting for another flight. You only have to worry about when your next flight is going to board.

Of course, you can choose other airlines to fly with, but keep in mind that there will not be any continuous flight from Vietnam to Charlottetown from other airlines. Unlike AirCanada, you will have to buy two separate tickets: One from Vietnam to Montreal or Toronto then another ticket from Montreal or Toronto to Charlottetown. This time, you are held accountable for your delayed or missed flights. You will need to be extremely aware of your transit time in order to make it onto the next flight. In any scenario of you not getting on board with your connecting flight, you will be responsible for not being able to board on the flight to Charlottetown. 

  1. Landing procedures at Montreal airport or Toronto airport. 

All flights to PEI will transit at Toronto or Montreal. Depending on the crowdedness of either of the airports, you will need more or less time complete your landing procedures. Therefore, buying tickets with transition time from at least 3,5 hours to 4,5 hours will make sure you have plenty of time to finish your procedures. At the airport, your family will be interviewed by immigration officers. They could interview the main applicant only, or they could also interview each of the family members. 

 General questions asked in the interview

  1. Family members information, how many members are there, what do they do or study, how old are they?
  2. Your living address in PEI, contacting number in Canada.
  3. The value of your luggages and belongings. Are there any luggages that are not checked in with the flight? Giá trị hành lý mang theo. Có hành lý gửi riêng không kèm chuyến bay này không?
  4. Do you bring any produce or food? 
  5. Have you come to Canada before? Were you ever asked to leave Canada before?
  6. Do you have any intention of returning to Vietnam? How long will it be? What is it for? Bạn có dự định quay lại Việt nam không? Quay lại trong bao lâu? Mục đích ?
  7. How is your health? Sức khoẻ bạn thế nào?
  8. Do you bring any cash? How much?Bạn có mang theo tiền không? Bao nhiêu?
  9. Do you have any criminal record? Bạn có tiền án tiền sự nào không?

Depending on the officer, you might be asked only a few questions on the above list but you can also be asked other questions if they deem needed. Remember to provide them the truth to every questions. You might not think it would spark a problem but giving false answers or lies (for instant, saying you do not carry any food when you actually do) can lead to unavoidable consequences about laws and could potentially damage your credibility. All will affect heavily upon your life in Canada afterwards. 

Landing at PEI

If you have been living in PEI before receiving the mail about sending your passport for visa, you will need to follow specific details from the IRCC in order to successfully mailing your passport, photos and paperworks to their address in Ottawa. You will receive these official information from your Agent. 

Be aware that you need to follow exactly as the instructions in the mail from IRCC to avoid any possible risk that may happen. 

You will need to mail your passport and paperwork through the service of Canada Post. You can come to any of Canada Post’s locations to mail them.

In the span of 2 to 4 weeks, you will receive your passport along with your visa inside, at the address that you have provided them. The steps are shown very clearly in the attached mail.

To those that are already living in Canada before receiving your immigration visa, there are two ways that you can proceed your landing procedures.

First way: Technically, if you do not proceed your landing procedures by air, you and your family will need to travel to the nearest border between Canada and another country to complete your immigration procedure. Among Canada, there are many borders between the US and Canada that you can travel to. Before going, google “U.S. Customs and Border Protection” to pin the nearest border from your location in order to do your landing procedure.

The officers at the border are very familiar with the landing procedure, that is why you do not need to be over worried. Once you have arrived at the border, ask any custom officer where you can finish your landing procedure. The procedures that are done here are normally fast, waiting time is not necessarily as long as at the airport due to few travel to the border.

Second way: Since the ending of 2019, IRCC has opened an office here in Charlottetown for people that has immigration visa, is currently living and working in PEI. With the waiting time of 15 minutes per family, this has been a significant change and caring gesture from the Federal towards newcomers.

Address: 119 Kent Street, floor 5, room 530. 


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