There is a saying on how distance drives people apart, however on PEI, we can see this is not the case. Although a lot think that with social distancing for COVID, people will become more reserved with each other, however the Canadian Vietnamese Association on PEI has found a way to express our care to the local community in general and to the healthcare heroes in specific through our CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign called Happy Friday. Happy Friday is a chain of fundraising events that was warmly supported by the VietPEI’s members that result in a total of 7.553CAD of capital in order to support two of our projects:

  1. Contributing $4000 to “ Gift from The Heart”, a charity organization that provided free meals for the residents of PEI.
  2. Prepared and distributed 716 meals for the frontline workers at Queen Elizabeth hospital and Prince County Hospital, with the amazing support from the local Vietnamese owned restaurants and cafes.

The Management Board of The Canadian Vietnamese Association on PEI will now express our gratitude for the wonderful input of the seven restaurants listed below, because without you we couldn’t have been able to provide such marvelous dishes for our healthcare heroes in the battle against COVID.

  1. Pho Queen restaurant: 117 Queen Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4B3.
  2. The Son restaurant: 40 Queen Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4A3.
  3. Downtown Deli restaurant: 58 Grafton street, Charlottetown,PE C1A 1K7.
  4. The Great Canadian Bagel: 449 University Avenue, Charlottetown,  PE C1A 8K3.
  5. Pho Vietnam restaurant: 123 Queen street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4B3.
  6. Hangar 8 Cafe: 800 Aerospace Blvd, Hangar 8, Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0. 
  7. Ann Cake and Cafe: 123 Water street, Summerside, PE C1N 1A8.

Last but not least, we would like to say a big thank you to all of our donors for your generous donations, because you are the reason why our projects become a reality, and become a huge success. 

The list of name below is organized in a time related manner.

10-Apr-20Le Uyen$400
10-Apr-20Nguyen Huy Hung$50
10-Apr-20Nghia Truong$100
12-Apr-20Huynh Truc Lan$100
12-Apr-20Quang Vinh$200
12-Apr-20Gia dinh Thanh, Lan Anh, Su, Shi, Bon$500
12-Apr-20Pham Khanh Hiep$100
12-Apr-20Tran Quynh Nhu$100
12-Apr-20Thu Pham$100
12-Apr-20Vu Tu Cau$50
12-Apr-20Nguyenthiboi Lan$100
14-Apr-20Tran Bao – Lan Anh$100
14-Apr-20Phuong Le$100
14-Apr-20Linh Nguyen$30
14-Apr-20Nguyen Dinh Nhu$500
15-Apr-20Pham Thi Le$100
15-Apr-20Trang Ngo$100
15-Apr-20Nhan La$50
15-Apr-20Gđ Manh Lan$100
15-Apr-20Huong Do$100
16-Apr-20Trung Top Notch Device Repair$200
16-Apr-20Dung Tran$50
16-Apr-20gia dinh Hoang Minh Ha$30
16-Apr-20Le Thi Kim Ngan$100
16-Apr-20Gia dinh Hung – Yen$200
17-Apr-20Hoa Pham family$108
17-Apr-20Le Hung Minh$100
17-Apr-20Galaxy Cafe and Bingsu.$500
17-Apr-20Quân Linh$100
18-Apr-20LOUIS BUI$100
18-Apr-20Gđ Tram Anh$100
18-Apr-20Dinh Thi Kim Tuyen$100
18-Apr-20HTT TRADING INC.$100
18-Apr-20Nhiem Phan$100
18-Apr-20Ha Nguyen (Elaine Ha)$300
20-Apr-20Mai Vu – Trung Ha$100
20-Apr-20Gia dinh Hue-Hoa$200
21-Apr-20Unknown person$210
22-Apr-20AQUAMAN TECHNOLOGY LTD (Kham Ngo va Xuan Nguyen)$100
23-Apr-20ASMVN (Minh Nguyen)$50
24-Apr-20Le Quang Bao Ngoc$100
24-Apr-20Trung Dao$30
24-Apr-20Nguyet Hoang$70
27-Apr-20Tran Thi Tuyet$100
27-Apr-20Bao Hieu VictoryNails$100


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