How to Extend Visa and Study Permit In Canada

Extend the documents which relate to the acceptance of stay in Canada such as Visa, Study Permit, is the important thing as well as a basic and necessary knowledge for the foreigner living in Canada. Therefore, having this necessary knowledge is going to help you in the long- term living in Canada as an international Student.

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For those people who is a foreigner studying and working in Canada, even though student or employee, our duty is extending Visa, Study Permit to keep staying longer in Canada and it also is an important base for applying to be a permanent resident of Canada which every international student and employee living in Canada want to archive. There below are the necessary shortcuts, notes, and requirements for everyone can extend these documents by themselves. 

For people who do not know, Study Permit is the most important document with the international student in Canada, since it is the only thing that proves our purpose here is study. however, it does not mean that Visa is not important, it is a permit for us going through the gate, not only Canada but also the other countries in which you have that country’s Visa. 

Extend Study Permit

When to extend  

  • Your Study Permit is nearly extended before finishing your study. (about 2-3 months)
  • When you finish your study and want to continue your study’s plan. 

How to extend:

  1. You need to prepare the documents which base on the requirements: passport, Letter Of Acceptance, Proof Of Mean Of Financial Support, A Digital Photo. 

Lưu ý:

  • You need to take a picture of the stamp in the Passport, not the first page. 
  • Proof Of Mean Of Financial Support need you showing 3000$ CA in your online bank account, You can take it from your bank or print it in PDF form from your online bank account website.
  • the photo looks like the ID Photo. Because you can not give them directly to the office so remember keeping a photo file from Vietnam and use it here. the fee for a shoot is around 30$ CA. 
  1. You need to have an account in the Government Of Canada website:

The process to make an account:

  • Go to the website, choose  MENU, go into IMMIGRANT AND CITIZENSHIP, then click MY APPLICATION, and make an account with GCkey
  1. Next, create a sign-up form for extending Study Permit. 
  1. After finishing the questions in the first section, you would go to the last section which is the most complicated in the process. Remember using your debit/credit card to pay for the fee. 
  • In the first section, you have to sign up for a government form to provide your detailed information when you stay in Canada. Because this is a PDF form, you have to download a PDF reader app so you can fill it. 

Note: Please check carefully your answers because if they do not match the answers of the first section, the form is declined until it is right. There is also some special situation but please check the answers carefully.

  • Then, You will upload the image of the document into each requirement. 

Note: those requirements can changes times to times so these are the basic requirements that you should know to prepare. 

  1. After everything, you will pay for the fee and wait for the government email.

Overall: the information about the Extend Study Permit could change so, please notice the update to make it right. For the first time, it is going to be very hard at the filling government form and takes a lot of time in this section, so be ready for it. 

Extend Visa: 

When to extend: 

  •  Before your Visa expires in 30 days

What to extend:

  1. As well as extending Study Permit, you need to perpare these documents:
  • Recent Education Transcript 
  • Proof Of Next Term Enrolment 
  • Study Permit hoặc work permit 
  •  Passport 
  • Proof Of Mean Of Financial Support- at least $3000 in the bank
  • Digital Photo

Note: about the transcript, you should ask your school about your nearest and full marks in the transcript. In the schedule, you take the picture of your next term schedule. 

  1. Create an account on Government Canada website like what you have done in Create an Account
  1. Make a sign-up form in Extend Visa:
  • Go to Visit Canada and choose to Stay in Canada Longer
  1. After finish the questions in the first section, you will fill one PDF form such as the form of Extend Study Permit.

Note: This form basically likes the Extend Study Permit form, so people should be careful when filling it and make sure those answers matching up with the first section answer.  

  1. Next, download these images of documents to the requirements.
  2. After finish everything, please pay for the fee and wait until you get the email from the government, they will ask you to send your passport by mailing method and you would pay for sending and receiving so note preparing money for it. 
  3. Finally, you are going to wait between 2 weeks to a month and a half for them to send your passport back. 

Overall: If you have done extend Study Permit before, this one is not much different. Providing information just be a little more than Study Permit so it is not really difficult. 

Source- Government Canada website 


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