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    Table of Contents


    Section 1 – The Association’s Name

    Members: Vietnamese individuals and families that have been living, working, and studying in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada.

    The Association’s name:  “Hội Người Việt – PEI” – The Canadian Vietnamese Association on PEI, abbreviated as VIET.PEI.  

    Section 2 – The Responsibilities & Purpose of the Association

    The Canadian Vietnamese Association on PEI is a non-profit social organization consisting of Vietnamese individuals and families who have been working, living, and studying in all the cities and towns that are under the jurisdiction of Prince Edward Island, Canada, with the following objectives:

    2.1. Connect the members who have been working, living, and studying in PEI together.

    2.2. Support the new members on their path to integrate with the new life in PEI.

    2.3. Build the fundamental foundation for the development of future generations.

    2.4. Preserve the Vietnamese tradition and cultural identity, at the same time assimilate and integrate to the communities of Canada.

    2.5. Connect the Vietnamese community in PEI with provincial, federal government agencies and other communities.


    Section 3 – Operating Principle

    3.1. Must comply with all Canadian laws -register and act within the framework of local government regulations.

    3.2. Limit our activities within the area of social, cultural, sports, study promotion, etc., and not organize or participate in political or religious activities.

    3.3. As a non-commercial organization, do not use the image, brand name of the Association for business, commerce or other personal purposes.

    3.4. Operate on the principle of consensus – minorities follow the majority. The Management Board presents in the general meeting a list of programs and resolutions that need to be approved. Additionally, there is another list that the Management Board makes unilateral decision about, whilst, however, not contravening the regulations of the Annual Conference.

    Section 4 – Authority of the Association

    4.1. Officially represent the Vietnamese community in PEI to connect with local agencies and other communities.

    4.2. Organize annual members’ meetings, and sometimes at short notice if required, to create an environment where Vietnamese individuals and families on PEI can network and seek support.

    4.3. Established communication channels that serve the common goals of the Association, in order to provide information, share materials, promote the image of Vietnamese’s people and their culture, and the Vietnamese community on PEI in the Legal framework of Canada, Vietnam, and international.

    4.4. Fundraising from individuals, organizations for the association’s activities. The plan would be raised by the Management Board in the Annual Conference and be passed through the agreement of the members that are presented.


    Section 5 – Membership

    All Vietnamese individuals and families who have been living, working, or studying in Prince Edward Island that agree with the Association’s Charter, and voluntarily register to join are all eligible to become a member.

    Section 6 – Annual Fee

    Members between 16 and 65 years old have to pay annual membership, to help in the process of sustaining the association’s activities. The fee will be stipulated in the Financial Regulations submitted by the Management Board and approved through the Annual Conference.

    Section 7 – Members’ Benefits

    7.1. Eligible for activities that are organized by the association.

    7.2. Contribute ideas/ opinions, discuss and vote on the charter and other regulations that is set by the association. In addition to this, members have right to question the Management Board’s activities in running the association.

    7.3 Eligible to apply, get elected and vote for the position of the Management Board for those over 16 years old.

    7.4. Receive support from the Association and other members in emergency situations within the responsibilities of the Association and its members.

    Section 8 – Member Responsibilities

    8.1. Follow the rules and other regulations.

    8.2. Complete assigned tasks. 

    8.3. Participate in activities regularly and pay the membership annually. 

    Section 9 – Termination of Memberships

    The Management Board will consider cases of terminating someone’s membership based on the following criteria:

    9.1. Did not complete the member’s responsibilities in section VIII.

    9.2. Acting in contravention of the Association’s regulations, and have been repeatedly warned but still violated them.

    9.3. Voluntarily leave the association.


    Section 10 – Annual Conference

    The Annual Conference, with the participation of all Members, holds the highest authority and is responsible for all the decisions. Decisions (except the Association’s charter prescribed in Article 20) take effect as soon as they are approved by at least 50% of the members present at the conference. The Annual Conference is held annually – the time of the conference will be proposed by the Management Board to the all members and the members will then decide. The Management Board may convene additional conferences in special cases when more than 30% of the Members propose this.

    The annual conference decides on the following issues:

    – Regulations of the Association

    – The Association’s vision and goal, annually.

    – Election and removal of members from the Management Board.

    Section 11 – The Management Board

    The Management Board is the committee that manages and operates the Association’s activities that occur between the Annual Conferences, including the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson(s), the Department Head, and the Section Head (if there is one):

    • The Chairperson: The Association’s official spokesperson that directly manages and takes overall responsibility for the Association’s activities.
    • The Vice Chairperson: supports the chairperson in managing general affairs. They will take over the responsibilities when the chairperson is absent or is unable to carry out his/ her duties while the Association is the process of electing a new chairperson.
    • The Department Head is in charge of leading the department along with the Management Board in order to give out the appropriate arrangements, depending on the Association’s stage of development, and consistent with the principle and purpose of the Association.
    • Each department will receive assistance from the volunteers in the Associations in every activity.
    • The Section Head will manage each branch: Established based on the needs of The Association, every branch will have the same purposes and regulations. The Section Head must be a member of the Association.

    All members of the Management Board and other work on a volunteer basis, without remuneration.

    Section 12 – Duties of the Management Board

    • Directly manage the Association’s activities following the regulations approved through the Annual Conference.
    • Convene and organize the annual and short notice meetings of the Association.
    • Summarize the Association’s performance and set up annual plans for the Association. Also, financial report will be publicly announced in the Annual Conference.

    The Association’s regulations listed the specific functions and duties of each member of the Management Board.

    Section 13 – Auditors Committee

    During the Annual Conference, the Association’s members will be able to elect and remove members in the Auditor Committee. The Auditor Committee has the right to evaluate and review the Management Board’s decisions to make sure all the Association’s activities are transparent and compliant with the regulations mention in this charter. Scope of assessment of the Auditor Committee include: Development orientation, financial report, and compliance with the regulations. During the Annual Conference, the number of members of the Auditor Committee will be decided based on the Association’s development stages.

    Section 14 – Term of the Executive Board and the Management Board

    The term of the Executive Board and the Management Board is two years. Candidates can be re-elected several times. During the term, staff can be changed in accordance with the association’s development. This is enacted in the Annual Conference (section 10).


    Section 15 – Source of Funds

    The main revenue source:

    • Regular revenue: Membership fee.
    • Irregular revenue: Funding from members, sponsorship from businesses, donations from philanthropists, and sponsors + revenues from the Association’s fundraising activities.

    Section 16 – Payments

    The Association’s fund will be used for typical and occasional activities according to projects proposed by the Management Board and approved through the Annual Conference.

    Section 17 – Fund Management

    The Management Board will manage the funds based on Canadian accounting principles. Annually, financial revenues and expenditures must be reviewed by the Auditor Committee and publicly reported by the Managing Board before the Annual Conference.


    Section 18 – Reward

    The Association will commend and reward individuals and groups who make outstanding contributions to the Association’s activities. The Management Board will determine the specific rewards.

    Section 19 – Penalty

    Members who act contrary to the regulations that lead to the ruin of the Association’s reputation will receive a warning depending on the level of damage. (The penalty will be given out by the Management Board).


    Section 20 – Amendments to the Charter

    The charter can be amended to suit each stage of development. Only at the Annual Conference with at least two-thirds of the presented members that vote will have the right to amend this charter.

    Section 21 – Validity

    The Charter consists of seven articles; 21 sections take effect immediately after the approval through the Annual Conference. 

    Charlottetown, 28/10/2018

    On behalf of the management board of The Canadian Vietnamese Association on PEI

    The president of the Association


    Nguyễn Đình Nhu

    Board of Directors: 2020 - 2022

    Chiến Lý – President

    Nhiệm Phạm – Vice president

    Anne Trần (Lan Anh) – Vice president

    Eric Phương – Board member – public speaker

    Lan Bùi – Board member – Accountant

    Tony Vu – Board member – Community support

    Hải Nguyễn – Board member – Community support