The Management Board of The Canadian Vietnamese Association on Prince Edward Island (Viet.PEI) would like to express our gratitude to all of Prince Edward Island residents that have spent time participating and contributing in our Tet Festival. Without you, we would not have had such a successful event that was filled with warmth, giving us a sense of home that we so dearly miss. 

We would like to say a special thank you to the members of the organization team, the volunteers, the performers for your dedicated contribution, for your sleepless nights, restless days that you spent on meetings, perfecting the acts, regardless of the weather and the limitation of our working environment. All of your hard work to deliver a Tet festival full of our Vietnamese  cultural beauties to our Western acquaintances and friends has brought us huge pride. Our guests are impressed not only by the exotic performances, but also by the amazing turn out of Vietnamese residents . As one of our guests of honor  said: “Thank you for a lovely evening. It was really special, and the food and entertainment were so great! I was very proud of you! Good job everyone, and thank you so much for your hospitality!” We hope that through this event, our association will gain support from the government’s office and  local Islanders for our process of settling in.

We would also like to show our appreciation to all of our sponsors including both local companies, Vietnamese companies, and individuals in our community. Without your financial support, we would not have been able to arrange the event with such a fruitful outcome. 

Last but not least, we are grateful for all the assistance from the provincial Government, the management boards of all the residential areas and urban areas, and all the media from when VietPEI was founded until now.

With such a huge number of participants,and there was a change of location at the last minute , small errors are unavoidable, so we are very sorry and hope that you can forgive us. 

We would like to wish you and your families a year full of happiness and success,

The Management Board of The Canadian Vietnamese Association on PEI



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