Photo by Nguyễn Quang Trí

Last night when we were deep in our sleep, it snowed slightly. In the morning, when we woke up, the whole city seemed to wear a giant, fluffy white coat. The weather is cool with such a pleasant atmosphere.

Tonight, we all went to a small town in the north of the city introduced by the islanders as one of the must-visit places with the most vibrant and beautiful Christmas decorations, kind of like District 8 in our homeland. The beauty of the scenery and the meaningful story behind it, portrays for us the cultural beauty that this island possesses and explains how flocks of people come here every Christmas to watch the lights and decorations.

On one faithful day in 1988, a car accident claimed the life of a youthful, full-of-life youngman. The Christmas season a year later, his father started decorating his house with a music and lighting system to both ease the pain of losing his child and with the hope that his son in heaven might look down and feel his everlasting love for him. People who came to admire the exquisite decorations can donate to the homeowner, and hence he will gave that money for the local charities. From James Gallant’s house, the homeowner, the decoration and charity movements spread throughout the town, attracting tourists from all over the World to come here every Christmas season. Although it is still freezing in the winter, it is the stories that makes our winter a bit warmer.

Although the highway is still wet from the snow and also dark, we have had a peaceful and safe journey; perhaps thanks to the warmth of the Christmas lights and spirits. 

I wish you all a peaceful and merry Christmas,

NQT – Xmas 2016

P/S: This is my first winter here on the island, and I can tell that the festive spirit is similar like that in our home country on Tet holiday.


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